P3I Applications - Industries we serve

The resistance to flattening and development of 'kinks' in normal use makes it possible to put vinyl hoses to an amazing number of applications.

  • Electrical flexible conducting for buildings
  • Mechanical tool wiring conduits
  • Dust collection hoses for textile machinery, vacuum cleaner hose
  • Shrounds for railway couch wiring
  • Dust extractor for wood working
  • Gas and cold fumes cover
  • Air ducting in mines & basements
  • Hose for hospital equipment

All range of Pipes at P3I

Medium duty hose with steel wire reinforcement(SWR) are useful for general purposes such as conducting and conveying gases:

  • Electrical wire conducting
  • Connecting switch boards
  • Busbars switch gears and panels
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PVC flexible pipe at P3I

These are multi purpose flexi PVC pipes which have a wide application in the industry.They are:-

  • Very Flexible
  • Strong and durable
  • Can be bent on its axis

Best quality SWR hose pipes at P3I

P3I heavy duty hose are useful for connection of wiring when the hose is going to be subjected to rough handling.

  • Can be bent on its axis
  • Water Pproof, dust proof, corrosion proof.
  • Paint not necessary
  • Lighter in weight, resistent to most ot the alkalis and acids

Pipes of all sizes and shape at P3I

For easy connection with electrically switchgear,conduit pipes and junction boxes specially developed fittings are available.

  • Available as per order
  • Grey / Black color
  • Order with pipes of various size